Friday, October 4, 2013

November & December 2013 Events!

Hello Members & Friends,

Happy October!  

Attached you will find invitations to upcoming events such as:

1.  November 16th - Wine, Cheese & Dessert Social 

2.  December 8th - 4th Annual Holiday Ornament Exchange Party

3.  December 29th - Eagles vs. Cowboys Football Party

All information is provided on flyers and on our face book fan page HERE! 

Any questions please let us know.

Membership information?  We are happy to help, contact us, we'd love to have you as an active member of DW - NJ & GP!

Thank you,

Officers of DW - NJ & GP


  1. You know when the Cowboys and the Eagles are playing one another, it's going to be a good party!! :)

  2. You are right!
    Thank you for your comment :-)